History of the Russian Kulich

Russian Kulich Bread will be available for delivery the Tueday after Palm Sunday, through Easter, and up to May first.

Many Christian cultures have created special breads to celebrate Holy Week or Easter.  The Russian Kulich bread  is a tall sweet bread baked in a high pan whose shape goes back in time to Slav antiquity.  It is stuffed with candied fruits and peel, almonds and saffron and decorated typically with two Cyrillic letters: XB.  These stand for “Christ is Risen.” It was sometimes taken to be blessed at midnight mass on the eve of Easter Sunday in the Orthodox Church. Often it was used as the main bread throughout the Holy Week.

Although Easter celebrates the rising of the Crucified Christ, is has its remotest beginnings in the pagan rites of early peoples.  Bread has long been a fertility symbol, and this bread is appropriately frosted in the pinks and greens we associate with Easter baskets, flowers, and the coming of spring.  The phallic form undoubtedly harkens back to ancient symbolic rituals. It celebrates the growth of new crops,  perpetuation of a strong family line, and especially, hope for a life eternal.

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  1. […] We are baking  Kulich bread up until Pentecost weekend, as is the common practice.  For many Slavic peoples around the world,  the  Easter season wouldn’t be Easter without th… […]


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