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French Baguette

“My love costs me dearly, but I’ve baked and set it on the sill for you to consume. We are match and stick. Eaten up quickly and ever full.” ~ Alex Gohde

An authentic french baguette bakes best hot and fast in a wood-fired oven.   In just about 12 minutes the  crust is very crisp, the crumb full of holes, and it is bursting with moisture,  just for the day.  That is why in France, a fresh baguette is picked up each day.  Let us deliver one to you, each Wednesday or Saturday in time for your breakfast.  They are now available piping hot from Piety Hill Bakery. True bread is never meant to keep for a week!

Order a baguette by 8 pm on a Tuesday, and receive it  between 8 and 10  the following morning. They go great with any meal, and would make the Best Sub Sandwhich’s ever for busy folks like us!


“Bread” by W.S. Mervin



by W. S. Merwin

for Wendell Berry

Each face in the street is a slice of bread
wandering on
somewhere in the light the true hunger
appears to be passing them by
they clutch
have they forgotten the pale caves
they dreamed of hiding in
their own caves
full of the waiting of their footprints
hung with the hollow marks of their groping
full of their sleep and their hiding
have they forgotten the ragged tunnels
they dreamed of following in out of the light
to hear step after step
the heart of bread
to be sustained by its dark breath
and emerge
to find themselves alone
before a wheat field
raising its radiance to the moon

W. S. Merwin, “Bread” from The Second Four Books of Poems (Port Townsend, Washington: Copper Canyon Press, 1993). Copyright © 1993 by W. S. Merwin. Reprinted with the permission of The Wylie Agency, Inc.

Source: The Second Four Books of Poems (Copper Canyon Press, 1993)

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 W. S. Merwin

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Our Father, Which Art in Heaven

Since starting Piety Hill Bakery back in March 2010,  I now keep “baker’s hours” five mornings a week.  I had heard about that strange time just before dawn,  but didn’t know that I would come to enjoy so many aspects of it.  😀

To help me wake up as I am mixing batches of bagel dough I sometimes turn on the radio and listen to KMOX, St. Louis.  Ever morning at 6 am they play a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer.  This version brought tears to my eyes.

What a great way to wake up to a new morning!

Chocolate chip bagel

Chocolate chip bagel
Two of us watching the surf
My heart is full

from a blog by:  Happier than Most

If I had two loaves of bread

“If, of thy mortal goods, thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves
alone to thee are left,
Sell one & from the dole,
Buy Hyacinths to feed the soul”

– Muslihuddin Sadi,
(13th Century Persian Poet)