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Piety Hill Bakery was born out of need, but has grown out of a kind of love.  Back in 2009 when many of us were losing jobs we loved, to keep going, to pay the mortgage, we had to invent new ways of surviving.  I always thought Greenville was a wonderful town, but it lacked real bagels!  so I started making my own and offering them for sale.  This has turned into a humble but necessary avocation.  Another survival skill that I have been learning is to forage for food, and I am loving this simple way to find food for FREE!

Here is a pan of greens gathered from around my yard.  Since I am a beginner I am very careful to only eat plants that I know very well.  Included are dandelions, lambs-quarters, plantain leaves, nasturtium and violet leaves.  I sauted them in olive oil, and then rolled an egg around them.  A little pepper, garlic powder, and voila!  Or blacken them with some green tomatoes, bell pepper and serve on a fresh Piety Hill Baguette!Recommended reading for food foragers:  “Feasting Free on Wild Edibles” by Bradford Angier
“The Wild Vegan Cookbook” by “Wildman” Steve Brill


Our Father, Which Art in Heaven

Since starting Piety Hill Bakery back in March 2010,  I now keep “baker’s hours” five mornings a week.  I had heard about that strange time just before dawn,  but didn’t know that I would come to enjoy so many aspects of it.  😀

To help me wake up as I am mixing batches of bagel dough I sometimes turn on the radio and listen to KMOX, St. Louis.  Ever morning at 6 am they play a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer.  This version brought tears to my eyes.

What a great way to wake up to a new morning!