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Hello Greenville Illinois!

Downtown Greenville Illinois

Hello Greenville Illinois!

Welcome to Piety Hill Bakery

Please Note: NOT taking any more orders for FRIDAY June 13th. Thank you!

NOTE: New!!! Now selling pots and plants at our lil “homestead”.  Check link below for what’s available.

We are currently baking Tues-Fri. Email your order to us by 8 pm the night prior, for next morning delivery.

  Thanks so much!!

Email your order to                  

We are home to  Greenville Illinois’  one and only home-made, hearth-baked bread company. We are a Cottage-Industry in Greenville,  Illinois delivering  to any corner in  Bond County. We have been known to deliver mail-order within the United States.  Don’t hesitate to email or call. Life is too short to eat anything but real bread we figure!

Currently we offer “made from scratch”  hand-formed,  New York-Style Bagels. They are crunchy on the outside, dense and chewy inside;  just the way a bagel should be! 

.Our bagels are available by special order through this blog on Tues-Fri.,  in batches of 6 or 9.  They are boiled then baked, in a typical electric oven.  Just email us what you need at  We will send an email confirmation BY 11 pm that same day.

We offer hearth-baked, artisan Breads in bulk for special events such as weddings. (10 or more loaves required for a brick oven fire.) From our electric oven we currently offer French Baguettes, Country Loaf, Herb, and Grandma’s White Bread. They are available for delivery on Wednesday mornings. Simply text or email your order by 8 pm, and we will Bake & Deliver to your door tomorrow.  We are currently delivering  BAGELS  Tuesday – Friday  mornings, and BREADS on Wednesday mornings. ALWAYS JUST $5 a loaf 0r $8 for a 6 or 9  pack of Bagels (delivery is free,  tax is included.) We  deliver anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Greenville.  This includes: Pocahontas, Old Ripley, Smithboro, Mulberry Grove, and parts in between.

Baking your bread like great, Great-grandma made, with pride and a dash of kindness 🙂




History of the Three Kings Bread

Three Kings Bread will be available for delivery from Jan. 6 – Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)

Three Kings Bread is baked in at least Belgium, France, England and Mexico during the season of Epiphany, which falls on January 6th.  January 7th is  Orthodox Christmas day, and as a child raised in a Russian family we always enjoyed the fact that we could keep our tree up longer than everyone else.  At least until January 7th.

The celebration of Epiphany, Feast of the Three Kings, or Twelth Night, whichever you choose to call it gave rise to a sweet  bread or  “cake”  which was  formed into a wreath to signify a Kings crown. This tradition dates back to the 12th or 13th century when the monks of St. Michel would choose their Epiphany king by means of this cake.  It was typically daubed with almond paste and cut into pieces for everyone present,  plus always one extra. Hidden inside this tasty crown of bread was a bean, and whom ever was the lucky recipient became the “King” for the day and could command all others to his duties.  In Mexico, the bean is today replaced with a small figure of a Christ Child, or sometimes a coin.  The extra piece was given away to the first needy visitor who knocked at the door.

The enjoyment of this bread  extends forward in time to the Feast of Mardi Gras.  Now going by the name “Kings Cake” this baked ring of goodness is decorated in the colors of the festival:  purple for justice, green for faith, and gold representing power.  Thousands of these cakes are sold in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras, and each baker will have his unique recipe and design.

On January 6th (Epiphany),  as well as on Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), we will be hiding a surprise inside of each batch of  our Three Kings Bread. Watch for it!!  Email or Call us. The lucky recipient will be the winner of a free loaf of bread of their choice.